K. Fenrir

25 Years Later is out now

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in the film making of David Lynch. The first film I saw was Lost Highway shortly before my teenage years, mostly due to interest in the soundtrack at first. The film itself didn’t really leave much behind for me but it was enough for me to get interested in seeing more of Lynch’s work. The next film I saw was Mulholland Drive. After seeing that, I had become a Lynch fan.

It was some years later that I finally watched Twin Peaks. My only regret is not watching this cult TV show earlier and more often, as it is one of my favourite shows and in my opinion perhaps Lynch’s greatest work. Not that he gets all the credit for it. Mark Frost, the actors, Angelo Badalamenti and everyone else who helped should get their fair share of praise for it as well.

Twin Peaks has served as a big inspiration to me, both directly and indirectly. My latest release, 25 Years Later, is under direct influence from the show and the 2nd time I pay tribute to it. The first time was the split Without Chemicals, He Speaks… A Tribute to Twin Peaks, which I did with Angellis Taliuu and Glimlicht. This time, however, I am working alone.

As before, the main focus point is The Black Lodge, only now we sink further into the obscurity. 25 Years Later includes 6 noisy dark ambient soundscapes, each one focusing on a certain item, being or a place related to The Black Lodge.

An update

Since it’s release, Drifting Towards the End has been getting some attention and good reviews.

[…]it’s comprised of some of the darkest and gloomiest electronica I’ve ever heard, like sliding down into a bathtub full of oil and feeling it slowly smother you.

And so far it’s my favorite new release of 2016. (♠)

It’s difficult to think of Drifting Towards the End as music.  It feels more like the sound of the environment attempting to kill you with fear, the raw, relentless power of nature making it abundantly clear just how small you are in the grand scheme of things, reminding you that it will still exist long after your bones have turned to dust.

(♠)  Yes, even more than “Blackstar.”

Life in the Vinyl Lane speaks very well of it, and I still find it hard to believe that someone likes it more than David Bowie’s latest work.

it feels like the ebb and flow of primordial ooze whilst simultaneously being sucked in a black hole somewhere Out There.

Include Me Out did a nice review of both Drifting Towards the End and Harry Knuckles’ Tónmennt.

K. Fenrir summons a slow marching synthetic demon orchestra. The sense of imminent dread is perhaps unmatched.

Tristan Bath featured Floating Amongst Giants on his show, Spool’s Out Radio, as well as writing a very positive review on The Quietus. The same song was also featured on Don’t Trip w/Margarita and Sly & Family Drone.

Last not but least, I was interviewed by Wim Van Hooste for ROK Music. Big thanks to everyone who featured my music!

I have however not been idle since the release of Drifting Towards the End. With a field recording and artwork provided by my good friend and co-conspirator Stefán Vignir, I created Djöflaberg, a 55 minute drone piece inspired and made by sounds created inside the former US listening station at Teufelsberg, Berlin. It’s available on the BandCamp site for 1 or as a stream.

I am also currently working with void Ziz(); and Þ Kollektiv on two new releases. One of them will be a collaboration with void Ziz(); to be released digitally. The other one will be a two track album released digitally and physically. If plans go accordingly, both should be out around mid-summer.

-K. Fenrir

Drifting Towards the End is out now!


It is a great honour for me to inform you that my next cassette, entitled Drifting Towards the End will be released by FALK this coming Friday.

This was the 2nd release that I finished, back in the autumn of 2014. However, I wanted to do something more special than just a digital release. Having not thought of it for a while, I was quickly reminded of it when I was contacted by FALK about doing a release together. After talking things over and listening to the whole thing again, I offered it to them for consideration. They were interested so we decided that Drifting Towards the End would be K. Fenrir’s next release and it would be put out by FALK.

Like my earlier work, these songs are noisy and experimental but already there I was turning more towards dark ambient instead of harsh noise. This is a mixture of both along with industrial-ish themes, and my first praise to Lovecraft. Nekron, of RÁN fame, also makes appearance lending his vocals.

A digital version is now streaming on FALK’s BandCamp site and the cassette, which will come out on Friday, can be ordered from them as well!

A new track

Ever since I learned of the late great Howard Phillips Lovecraft, his writings have been a big inspiration for my creations, be it my music or my writing. Already have I written and done a one-off performance of a track dedicated to him, Sing Praise to the Father of the Elder Ones,  Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos will no doubt continue to inspire me and bestow me with material for my music. Therefore I offer my latest tribute to Lovecraft and his work: A 25 and a half minute drone piece, invoking Shub-Niggurath!

Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!